Thursday, August 09, 2012

Potluck date with 4inl0ve - 18Jun12

Hello~ It's high time to blog! This page has become a deserted place for some time and I can't even bear to see this going on anymore.

Well well, a little update on us. We've all been busy with our lives, work, family, friends and health. But they're all getting on fine so don't worry too much. *I guess nobody really cares about us. LOL!

Recently, we've planned a potluck gathering at Horsey's office. Seriously, no one is with me, except myself. The girls dislike cooking and preparing stuffs which are tedious but in the end, we're still going on with the plan. YEAH!

EVENT: Potluck date with 4inl0ve
DATE: 18-Jun-12, Saturday
VIPS: 4inl0ve, Guoyi and Chee Hong
HIGHLIGHT: Sumptuous spread prepared / bought; Mahjong; Movie-in-the-office; and Gossip

I believe it'll be a great event so let's look forward to it (and pray hard that food that was prepared could be consumed)! Cheers!

*Note: VIPS are subject to change.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4inl0ve @ K Suite & Everything with Fries - 8Apr12

How long was the last time we went singing? I couldn't remember. This time round, we bought vouchers online and went for a 3-hour KTV including a 3-course brunch with only $23.50 each. Woot~

K Suite was located at Illuma and it really took us quite some time to locate it (renovations are currently undergoing at Illuma). After like about 10-15min search, we managed to find it at a corner of level 3. Check in!

K Suite was pretty quiet with only a few customers in queue (actually there were only 2 before us). The room that we were offered weren't that good as what the deal website states but it was still better than the usual rooms we normally go. I think it was a branch out of K Box as almost everything looks the same, just more classic. Oh! And not to forget, they've got a computer in the room for free surfing of the net! How great is that?

The brunch was unexpectedly delicious too! We didn't expect much from the deal but YES, K Suite WOW us! We sang for approximately 4 hours (as there were not much crowd) and went off for our next destination.

Actually our next destination was nowhere, just wondering about at Bugis Junction. Then we decided to have a drink and have some catching up (lots of gossiping). LOL! Then, we spotted Everything with Fries.

We ordered some mains to share and spent the next 2.5 hours with our bums sticked on the seats. LOL! I must admit, some catching up once in a while is GREAT! And of course, their comments for my video was the most important agenda of the day.

Although I wasn't selected for the job but I really want to thank everyone who had offered me help throughout the whole process. Thanks so much! It has been a great experience for me and I'm really thankful to have so many good friends around whom I know will be the most willing to help in times of need.

Once again, THANK YOU!

 We've finally found K Suite!

Ordering our brunch at the counter

Settling down

Seafood Platter consisting of Salmon, Prawns and Scallops
Really delicious!

Teriyaki Chicken Steak

Honey Lemon Tea
Standard drink :)

See how serious they are. Haha~

The couple singers

Weili hiding at the corner surfing the internet

The most tiniest slice of Orea Cheesecake we've ever saw in our lives -_-

Classic cup that contains normal to the max tea

Everything with Fries entrance blackboard


Ambience was great


I've took a liking to taking Menu photos recently.
It just simply looks fantastic!

Me with the Menu :)

How's the table setting?
Seriously, I LOVE IT!

Chicken Burger with normal flavor fries

The three of us :)

The 2nd group :p

The most sinful dessert!
Chocolate Fudge Cake!

The decorations of Everything with Fries
Looks pretty good :)


Thursday, April 05, 2012

Happy March bcos It's My Birthday Part 2 - 18Mar12

I'm extremely happy during March :) Simply because it's my birthday month. This day, my best friends had reserved me (actually I was the one who reserved them from their busy schedules -_-) to celebrate my birthday :)

Thanks 3inl0ve :)
Thanks Guoyi and my him :)
Although the card was unexpectedly small, the additional present was shockingly "BOOMZ" (proudly sponsored by GY and fang), I really appreciated your effort and time for all these. Once again, Thanks! Cheers to our friendship (",)


Here we are, at Cafe Epicurious for a sumptuous Brunch (",)
I love the decorations just outside the cafe
It just reminds me of my school days :)



Cosy environment inside the cafe

Candid Photo!

Water is free in the cafe! Yeah!

Pancakes - $7
Very normal and we all thought Mac's pancakes taste better at the same price
Deluxe Breakfast Set - $22 (inclusive of 2 drinks)

Authentic utensils used in the cafe
Poached Eggs Benedict - around $16 (I forgot the exact price)

Isn't this very appetizing?

Choco Nana Sandwich - $8
Sweet treats are SINFUL!
Self entertaining while waiting for the food to be served
Our turn now :)
Big kid trying to act young -_-

Very cute toys were placed outside the cafe
Made me recalled the times when I was young

Super yummy ice cream cakes and tubs of ice cream at Island Creamery!

Cosy decoration inside

Their promise to customers

Pretty Weili looking at the messages on the decorative wall

Taking mirror photos
Looks great!

Group photos are always a MUST!
To certify that we've been to Island Creamery

A waffle with 3 scoops of ice cream
Cookies & Cream, Soursop & Horlicks

Mirror image of myself

Playing hopscotch in the shop :p
(act only)

4inlove at mid 20's
Still look young :)

GY and his fiance a.k.a Fang my best friend

We were very happy :)

Self entertaining again -_-

I rmb a year ago, Weili had short hair & I had long hair
Now we've swapped. LOL!

Menu of Paradise Inn

Nutritious Pear with Fish & Pork Soup
Great broth! Thumbs Up!

Wasabi Mayo Prawn
No wasabi taste but I like the mayo taste a lot :)

Three Layer Pork with Mantou
Heavenly yummy-licious!
Salty Eggs Prawn
Not my favorite

Seafood Fried Rice
Normal taste

Sweet Pork Ribs
Very delicious!

Salty Steam Minced Pork Meat
Very salty -.-

Green Vegetables
A very normal dish
Each of us spent a total of around $23 for the dinner

My pot of flowers birthday card :) Wee~

Can you see how SMALL the card is?
Only Icing Room by Breadtalk provides this kind of D.I.Y.
Surely it's something out of the box :)

Provided items for the D.I.Y.
Warming up before starting? Emm.. It's just a cake -_-

frostings and toppings :)

Everyone is so serious

Random photo :p

Cake toppings etc..

My dream kitchen :)

YM is so serious! One wrong move and it'll be irreversible~

GY always has lots of funny poses

Make a guess whose legs are whose
Answers are at the bottom of the post!

Final masterpiece by YM, Fang, Weili, GY and him (he paid for the cake)

Haha.. I look skinny in this photo :p

So thoughtful and sweet of them to even write the Happy Birthday in Korean for me :)

A shot of Pisces :)

He did not put in effort to D.I.Y. the cake -_-
Never mind, he might ruin the whole cake if he did so. LOL!

Don't we look pretty with the D.I.Y. cake?

Super funny picture :D
Only GY can do this!

YM used the remaining frostings to draw another birthday piece for me, with fang and weili decorating the rest of the soviet.
Looks fantastic :)

*Answers to the photo with legs: (from left) Fang, YM, Weili, GY